A Moment Before You’ll Find Friends

A Moment Before You'll Find Friends

I miss my friends.
Someone I can talk more than „Where do you come from?“, „Where are you going?“, about the price of the hotel or the taxi fee. Someone I can laugh with, when again I couldn’t express myself and am surprised which results my words have caused. Being with friends means to order in a restaurant knowing that you are not doing it for you alone. They will join. The plates suddenly will have a reason to be filled in the way the chefs do it in the restaurants here. It’s not that you don’t get to know people while you’re traveling… no… and it’s also not that I don’t enjoy getting to know people.

It’s about sharing… sharing moments, talks and time. It’s about to be with someone who understands you, better than others, sometimes even better than you yourself. It’s about sitting together and just listen, when your friends are having fun or telling stories about their life. Just to be together, just to enjoy. It’s about being told that your perception is not the only one in life… it’s loving, feeling so joyful , so happy, so understood.

Friends are not only people from home. I found friends, they showed me the town, told me about their country, their fears, their music. You can find them everywhere. Mostly they are sitting next to you.

But now at this moment I really miss friends. Very much. And I know there will always be moments like this, when I’m traveling alone, because I am who I am, no? In my daily life I am really not a loner. So why bother to travel alone then? Because your mind and soul are free to observe, experience and feel the country!
Just – I would rather share these experiences, observations and feelings with friends, afterwards – in evenings. With a glass full of wine!

“The more I traveled the more I realized that fear makes strangers of people who should be friends.” – Shirley MacLaine

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